Park Square Apartments Park Square fits YOUR LIFE

It’s Saturday night, it’s your roommate’s birthday, and you’re hosting the surprise party at your place in Park Square!

That’s great because your spacious suite will make all your friends comfortable, and ample guest parking in the parkade as well as the selection of speedy elevators will ensure guests arrive on time—before the big surprise!  

The gorgeous lobby welcomes everyone and gets the party started on the right note. Sarah comments on the guys working out in the fully-equipped gym as she passes by, and Jack rolls his eyes at her as the group strides down the wide, clean hallways. Such great amenities and a welcoming adult-building environment—it looks like you’ll be hosting all future parties.

Offering you modern living and an urban lifestyle, Park Square is a perfect fit for your life and your style.

Rent the view. Own the lifestyle.

Park Square fits YOUR STYLE
Park Square Apartments
Park Square, 10001 Bellamy Hill, Edmonton, Alberta, (780) 423-3540